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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Club History

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The man the tried to ban!

The exact date of the inaugural meeting of the club has been lost over the years. None of the former members can remember it, but recall that it was in the week following Whitsun, 1945. The meeting was held at the home of George Wynn's parents, at the Warm Turn, Aberbeeg, Abertillery.

The club records start with the Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting which was held on Sunday 30th 1945 at the Ambulance Hall, Six Bells. there were sixteen members present. The Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting were read by Harry Morgan. The officials elected were: Chairman - H. Morgan, General Secretary - Miss Gwen Parsons, Racing Secretary and Treasurer - George Wynn, Captain - Lionel Holland, Vice Captain - Alan Coles, Social Secretary - Reg Pengilly.

It was decided to affiliate to the National Cyclists Union, Road Time Trials Council and the Monmouthshire Cycling League. Club fees were 8/- for men and 4/- for women. This included individual affiliation to the N.C.U. The club night was Friday, 7 to 10 p.m. at the Six Bells Ambulance Hall. The rent was 2/6d per night, and the members agreed to collect this amongst themselves. The club colours were black and gold.

Jim Wood of the Cwmcarn Paragon R.C. had been killed on the cycle track at Abertillery during the previous Police Sports, and it was agreed to collect for a donation to the fund for his dependents.

Such was the basis on which the club was formed - a group of enthusiasts who had nothing to start with and who asked nothing from people, being prepared to help themselves and be self supporting...more

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