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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Fifty Years Of Abertillery Wheelers

In 1945 club cyclists competed,
With all steel bike and leather seated,
Their attitude to the sport as laid back,
As the frames geometry on which they sat

Enthusiasts met on Whit Sunday at Warm Turn,
In the home of George Wynn to form,
A club called Abertillery and District Wheelers,
That would endure for fifty years.

During that time many changes were seen,
As much developments in bikes has been,
Champions from its members have come,
While events were organised for everyone.

Welsh cycling and its associations have had,
all its support through times good and bad,
Many officials have been provided,
While committee members the sport guided.

Keeping the best old traditions and ways,
The club fits well into modern days,
It provides the means for genuine cyclists,
To enjoy the sport with other enthusiasts.

The caring atmosphere that is generated,
Keeps most members happy and contented,
Those new to the sport old and young,
are welcomed into the busy throng.

As future years go quickly past,
We will see that this club will last,
While members clothed in yellow and blue,
Will keep its name winning through.