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R25/7a Results

Posted on: 15th-May-2011 by Martin

The strong head wind on the section down to the Hardwick roundabout, slowed all of the riders down apart from Kevin Jones and Ian Davies who were able to power through the wind to record impressive times. Kevin recorded the fastest time of the day with 58m 20s with Ian Davies just ten seconds back.

Name Time

Mark Alexander 1-05-39

Jeff Adams 1-04-07

Matt O'Hagen 1-02-26

Dave Evans 1-08-10

Dax Jenkins 1-02-54

Roger Wood 1-07-24

Martin Latewood 1-01-17

Jon Vickery 1-01-01

Clint Evans 1-0-30

Gareth Chislett 1-06-56

Ian Davies 58-30

Tony Hudson 1-02-01

Kevin Jones 58-20