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Thursday 10 #4 results

Posted on: 29th-April-2010 by Martin

The warm spring weather ended this week and the weekly 10 mile time trial was held under the more normal conditions of rain and mist. These did not affect Ian Davies who recorded a fast 24m 19s to win the event. Second place went to Martin Latewood with 25m 23s and in third place was Pontypool RCCs Steve Reynolds with 26m 30s

  1. I Davies 24-19
  2. M Latewood 25-23
  3. S Reynolds 26-30
  4. G Chislett 28-12
  5. D Evans 29-45

The series continues throughout the summer and next weeks event will start at 7-00pm.

Everybody Welcome, You Dont Have To Be A Member To Take Part.