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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Name Change

Posted on: 11th-January-2010 by Gordon

For 65years the Abertillery Wheelers has been the means of very many cyclists getting the company of other enthusiasts and receiving an introduction to cycling racing of all sorts.

It is one of the 15 oldest clubs in Wales, and has produced many event winners and champions. It will promote 30 club time trials, and an open 25 miles time trial, as well as continuing its huge involvement in the organisation of the Junior Tour of Wales 4Stage Race, and assisting at events promoted by the Welsh Cycling Association.

           For many years it has been the only cycling club in Blaenau Gwent, and it is changing its name to  Cycling Club Blaenau Gwent in order to properly reflect that. Its activities have been spread throughout the district, and the vast majority of its members do not live in Abertillery. Club clothing has been redesigned, and will now carry the Blaenau Gwent County Logo, as well as that of an advertiser ( JENNECCA, a mini-bus hire company in Abertillery)

           The club is continuing to update, and is always looking for new members, offering membership without a fee for the first year for seniors, and juniors free until 18years of age.