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Club 10 - Event 1

Posted on: 12th-April-2012 by Martin

We managed to (just) miss the rain for the opening event of the club Thursday 10 series. the fastest time on the night was recorded by the only non-club member riding, Russ White (Forza Cycles) who completed the circuit course in 23m 41s. Returning member, Justin Ford, produced an excellent ride to just scrape below the twenty eight minute mark while new member Mark Smith went off piste, ended up doing a bonus mile yet still managed a mid 33.

  1. Russ White 23-41
  2. Martin Latewood 24-36
  3. Ian Davies 24-54
  4. Tony Hudson 24-57
  5. Gareth Chislett 26-47
  6. Justin Ford 27-58
  7. Mark Smith 33-36

The series continues next week with the first rider off at 6-30pm on the Old Furnace course. You don\\\'t have to be a member, have a fancy bike or even have to take it seriously to ride, everybody welcome.