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March 10 mile TT Series - Results #3

Posted on: 24th-March-2012 by Martin

Results from the 3rd round of the March 10 series on R10/17

  1. J.Bunn 22-49
  2. I.Davies 22-56
  3. C.Evans 23-15
  4. A.Hudson 23--31
  5. E.Hadley 25-43
  6. A.Hill 26-02
  7. J.Ford 26-26
  8. D.Evans 27-52

Final event next week

  • 31st March

First rider off at 2pm. Everybody Welcome.

R10/17 - A40 Hardwick - Raglan & return

Meet: in the layby outside the Hardwicke pub on the old Abergavenny to Raglan road

OS References: Sheet 161 - Start and finish 333100 Start at 1st drain cover in 3rd lay-by east of Hardwick rbt, Abergavenny, on A40, 25 yards east of Kilo post 97 and 400 yards east of bridge over road. Proceed on A40 to Raglan rbt (4.94 miles) and turn by circling rbt and retrace on A40 to finish at road joint 136 at western end of lay-by opposite start. District Regulation: No cars connected with riders are to travel on the A40 during the event. Competitors observed crossing the dual carriageway will be disqualified.