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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Sunday Club Run


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The wind was finally in the right direction to allow the six club cyclists who braved the elements to complete the much talked about run out to Swansea, including Matthew out on his first club run.

The slow start through Beaufort was livened up by the chance meeting with the man with a fetish for step ladders, before tackling the long climb and manic descent (49mph) into Llangynidar. Martin tested both his brakes and chamy when Rhys decided to take the short cut down to the village and turned right in front of him!

Rhys won the sprint for the 30 into Brecon after shamelessly drafting Martin all the way before coming round him in the final 50 meters. As the club coach, Rhys should have known that it is the wrong time of the year to be sprinting for 30's and would pay the price for it later in the day. His reward for a fine show speed.... he had to get the teas in!

"Six peas you really want six peas..."

After leaving the busy A40 behind, we followed the quiet road past the Cray reservoir and started the drop down towards Swansea where Rhys, Wow and Nick gave a fine demonstration in race tactics including jersey pulling and hand slings.

We finally found ourselves on the "road from hell" with Matthew keeping the pace high enough that Rhys finally paid the price for his earlier efforts and had to be pushed to the garage by Glyn!

A big thanks to Nick's mate, Bobby, who supplied the post ride teas even though we were upsetting the neighbours.

Distance: 60 miles Time: 4 hours