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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Weekend Action


Sunday Club Run

As most of the club is either going on tour to Ireland, or are racing, there won't be a club run this Sunday.

Anybody desperate to get out, could try the Sunday Peloton from the Velodrome.

Last Hurrah of Summer

The start sheet for this Sundays Port Talbot Wheelers 25 on the R25/3L course reads like a who's who of UK time trialling.

It's quite possible that we could see as many as 3 comp records being broken.

Hutch returns to the scene of his National victory where he did a 47:15 in torrental rain.

Richard Bradley and Charles McCulloch could reclaim their tandem record.

Zak Carr and his wife Bev could be on for breaking the mixed tandem record.

But much more importantly, Sunday will be the day that the Club 25 Championship is decided.

The current incumbent Martin Latewood seized the lead on the 3G version of the course with a 56:12, just beating Tony Hudson's previous time of 56:20 recorded on the 3L course. Tony is fired up for revenge and is the second rider on the road, followed ten minutes later by Martin. Ian Davies is the last Wheeler off at 10:49 and must be hopeful of turning his current good form into another addition for his mantelpiece.

Hopefully the weather won't influence the outcome and one of the riders can get below the 56 minute mark.