Abertillery Wheelers Name!

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Abertillery Wheelers Name!

Postby clinton » Mon May 12, 2014 1:48 pm

I feel compelled and somehow obligated to write some kind of commentary on why the club changed its name to former and/or existing members. For a number of years the club has struggled to gain any substantial rise in membership this despite various ideas and schemes over the years with many lacking any real drive or practical application. This has been further compounded by a surge in cycling membership, interest and participation in the UK all which proved fruitless for Abertillery Wheelers. Hence, I suggested a name change as a possible way forward the rationale behind this was a move away from the myopic and maybe narrow Abertillery name (which seemed rightly or not to suggest a club for cyclist’s from Abertillery and its surrounding areas, Six Bells etc.) and appeal to a wider geographical area within the Blaenau Gwent areas (a catchment firmly in the target area of the former Abertillery Wheelers) such as Ebbw Vale, Tredegar and wider possibly. Hence, with a heavy heart for me personally and other members the proposal was put forward and democratically voted upon, many at the time voiced their opinion and some voted against yet, most voted for, feeling this was a risk worth taking. Personally I did not want CC Blaenau Gwent and indeed the original name voted through was CC North Gwent. However, after some consultation with older members of the club it was quickly changed within the corresponding weeks to the now established CC Blaenau Gwent. Sponsors were sought and club colours were decided harping back to the old colours of black and gold. Yet, once again these colours were changed on members requests to black and yellow in the following weeks however, finally a design, colour range and name were agreed on.
I would like to add at no point during this process were self-interests followed and everything was undertaken in order to maintain some kind of future/presence for a cycling club at the top of the Gwent valleys, regardless of the name. Has it worked? Indeed, it’s debatable we have new members that are happy with the name and culture of CC Blaenau Gwent. Would have they joined anyway if it had remained the same, whom knows? Yet one thing that was clearly visible at the time was a need for change and most agreed it was worth a shot. Personally, for me it’s just a name and I am not sentimental about it (similar to that of Aviva, Snickers, etc. whom all have changed their name to varying success in the past) as ultimately it is people who are the centre of any organisation without which nothing would happen or take place (thankfully this approach at the club has not changed it still has the same values as Abertillery Wheelers in all but name). Certain ex members have voiced opinions about changing the name back or starting an old/new club indeed, that’s their prerogative and choice. However, the former (the name change) to me can only be completed the Abertillery way with dignity, democracy in an open, liberal and progressive manner. If you value the club and its rich history, tradition and culture then do something about it re-join, call for an EAGM and get the name changed back or a name we can all agree on.
There was quite a bit of finger pointing yesterday most of it at me…fair enough but I am proud of the club, its tradition and culture yet arguing in public was both divisive and a harp back to the old days. Indeed, it brought all the bad memoires of club in past years and is a reason why many members left and a reason why one or two would still not come back today. The club over the past couple of years has been much calmer, less frantic with an easy going approach it should to continue like this! Abertillery Wheelers has not been forgotten far from it, look at the kit and domain name for a start but change is the law of life regardless of the outcomes.
If this olive branch is not enough for certain people then so be it and maybe Abertillery Wheelers will re-emerge in co-existence with CC BG in the local area I wish the members of the old/new club the very best but this is an opportunity to re-build a club and all the close bonds, friendships and experiences that we all shared in some capacity over the years including ultimately our one single commonality; the passion, drive and commitment for the best sport in the world.
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Re: Abertillery Wheelers Name!

Postby Gordon » Mon May 19, 2014 10:48 am

Well done Clinton. I will print and give to new applications for membership
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