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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Sunday Club Runs - November 2004

This is what five cyclists look like after a swim in the sea at Porthcawl in November - it was freezing!!  Never mind we were all rewarded with 10 extra points towards the "Runs Cup".


Not a bike in sight!  That's because we are inside Ikea in Cardiff.  Steve, 3rd from left, wanted to buy a bed.  Even between the 5 of us it was a real struggle to get it back to Blaina on the bikes.  Thank you to Marlene Moore for the much needed tea and cakes whilst on route to Ikea - see you again in another week or two.

Just in case you cannot make out the wording on the sign; it says "Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Showground".  Which as any Welshman knows is in Builth Wells.  The reason we are all laughing?  The camera is resting on the bike, hence the handlebars in the foreground, and yes its falling over!  Steve promised me 5 points for catching an eel in the river, which I did.  The proof is still tied to the handlebars of my bike - its beginning to smell a bit now.

Here is how damp and misty the day started out.  It did improve a little as we got closer to Builth Wells.