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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Why Should I Join A Cycling Club?

You've got the bike, you've probably got the gear, so what would you get out of joining a cycling club? Here's a few suggestions....

It's better in a group!

It's a proven fact, the more people that cycle, the safer it is.

You'll ride further with less effort.

Pro cyclists don't ride around in a bunch (peloton) for nothing, they are benefitting from the drafting effect, which allows a rider sitting in the wheel of another rider to travel at the same speed but using only 60% of the energy.

Meet new friends

Unless you're really anti-social, most people enjoy being part of a group, and cycling in a group can be one hell of a lot of fun. But don't worry if you are anti-social, you can always time trial!

Find new routes

There's a wealth of knowledge about which local routes are the best to ride, whether you want to go hurtling down a mountainside or just potter about in the quiet lanes there'll be somebody who can give you some advice. We've got members who know roads and tracks that even the local council don't know exist!

Moral support

Ever joined a gym and then not bothered going after a few weeks? Having to motivate yourself constantly eventually gets boring and we quit, but with a cycling club, there's always somebody who's raring to get out on the bike.