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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Why Don't You?

Bored now the racing season has come to an end?

Here are some suggestions for things to do....

  • Enter a cyclo-cross race
  • Get up at 4am and ride till it gets light
  • Leave the house at 10pm and ride through the night
  • Get on the mtb and learn how to wheelie
  • A lap of Cwmcarn in the dark
  • See how high you can bunny hop
  • Go out in the snow
  • Learn how to do a drop-off
  • Perfect your track stand
  • Go on the club run.... fixed
  • Ride on the track
  • See how far you can free-wheel
  • Race a train
  • Go stay in a youth hostel
  • Go on a bike pub crawl
  • Ride to a bothy and stay the night
  • Ride up a mountain
  • Buy a cheap flight and go ride somewhere exotic for the day
  • Catch a train somewhere and ride home