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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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Club Champions 2005

Senior Best All Rounder
PosName2550100Avg mph
1I Davies57:522:02:544:22:3424.39
2A Hudson56:202:06:034:30:4124.198

Handicap Best All Rounder
1A Hudson25.62 mph
2I Davies24.95 mph

CompWinnerTime / Distance
10M Latewood22:19
25M Latewood56:12
50I Davies2:02:54
100I Davies4:22:34

Thursday 10 Series
1stA Hudson141 mins 39 secs
2ndI Davies144 mins 25 secs
3rdM Latewood145 mins 14 secs
Best Improved After 5 rides
G Chislett83 secs

Saturday 10 Series
1stC Evans49 mins 27 secs
2ndI Davies50 mins 55 secs
3rdR Philips52 mins 03 secs
H/CM Latewood

Vets 25 Cup
B Fry
A Hudson+24:29
O Pocock+21:55

Tuesday Evening 25's R25/16
14th June
1stI Davies1:00:18
H/CG Chislett
19th July
1stI Davies1:00:08
H/CM Latewood

Sunday Morning 25's R25/7A
17th April
1stA Hudson1:01:19
H/CR Philips
26th June
1stA Hudson59:30
H/CM Latewood
10th July
1stA Hudson58:47
H/CM Latewood
31st July
1stI Davies59:23
H/CM Latewood

Hill Climbs
Heads of ValleyI Davies13:45.5
AberbeegI Davies6:31

Cyclo-CrossA Hudson
Road RaceM Latewood
Mountain BikeA Hudson

Runs CupStephen Williams

Clubman of the YearTrefor Jones
Best Performance of the YearMartin Latewood



Past Champions