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Formerly Abertillery & District Wheelers Established 1945
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BikeWales - The Low down

For those members of the club that have signed up for the gold route, here are the profiles of the hills you'll be going over.

Profile_WentWood_SML (4K) Wentwood

The first proper climb of the day and a chance to stretch the legs
4 miles (6.4km) Average 4% Distance from Start 8 miles

Profile_Tumble_SML (4K) The Tumble

No going straight on to Govilon! Turn left, over the hump back bridge and get ready to suffer!
3 miles (4.93km) Average 8% Distance from Start 50 miles

Profile_CefnOnnau_SML (4K) Blaenavon to Cefn Onnau

Probably the easiest of the big climbs today, but by now the legs should start to hurt!
2.8 miles (4.6km) Average 3% Distance from Start 60 miles

Profile_Belmont_SML (4K) Belmont

Short and sweet, but with a 100 miles in the legs, will somebody be walking up this climb!
0.75 miles (1.2km) Average 7%

Top Tip! (Top Turkey more like**)

As you roll out of the Celtic Manor and along Chepstow Hill, you descend steeply to cross the A449 at Cats Ash. 50yds after the A449, the road rears up in a short 1:5 section. It's do-able in the big ring, but expect carnage as it's bound to catch out those who don't know the area. Expect some people to be pushing!

** I re-read the route and we turn right before this :-(