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Beginners Guide To Time Trialling

Ross (15K)
  1. Turn up at event and get your excuses in early (feeling ill, going like a bag of spanners etc)
  2. Listen to other riders and remember any good excuses for later
  3. Warm up like a pro
  4. Ride event, whether you PB or not is immaterial. Actually finishing isn't that important.
  5. If you PB'd, state that you could have gone faster if you weren't feeling ill, going like a bag of spanners etc.
  6. If you didn't PB, it was because you were feeling ill, going like a bag of spanners etc.
  7. Eat cake whilst listening to other riders excuses.
  8. Repeat your excuses.
  9. During your drive home, practice your new excuses for the next time.

Top Excuses

  • Feeling Ill.
  • Going like a bag of spanners.
  • Haven't done much training.
  • Too much training.
  • Using it for training.
  • The wind is in the wrong direction.
  • Mechanical problems
  • Too early in the season.
  • Too late in the season.
  • The battery in my HRM failed.
  • Had a puncture.
  • Forgot my track pump.
  • Don't go well in rain.
  • Don't go well in the sun.
  • Forgot my shoes